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Selected links for mandolin, guitar, mandolin orchestra, bluegrass and more

On this page I have collected some interesting links to other internet sites.


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I am usually adding tags to my links and include a caption. With the tags you can easily find all the links for one topic. It is also possible to select additional tags and so find links for a combination of tags.

On the right hand side I have added a screenshot with a selction of my tags.


To make it more convenient I have listed some of my interesting tags about mandolin, guitar and bluegrass.

Links about mandolin in general


Links about guitar in general


Links about lutherie of mandolins, guitars and other stringed instruments


Links about mandolin orchestras, plectrum orchestras, mandolin ensembles


Links about sheet music with many free sheetmusic sources


Links about bluegrass music


Links about choro and Brazilian music



Links about mandolin and guitar duos


Links about how to learn to play the mandolin - instructions, free lessons and more


Links about how to learn music 


Links about the ukulele


youtube Links


More links 


In the  Mandolin Cafe Message Board you can find a huge mass of information about everything related to the mandolin. You can take part in discussions, upload pictures and get help for your problems.

You can also go to the Mandolin Cafe Homepage to finde more information including a almost complete list of all builders of mandolins and much more.


A site of a luthier specialized in lutes, copies of old mandolins and a mandola after Paul Hums: 

His shop is close to Freiburg near Müllheim.


Country Music im Dreiländereck - alles was man wissen muss

Information about Country-, Bluegrass- and Americana-Bands in the Southwest of Germany around Freiburg. Michael Zumstein has the best contacts to bands and venues in the region.

Website: countrymusicfreiburg


A German onlineshop for mandolins with many interesting pictures of mandolins:

elderly-200.jpg Onlineshop for mandolins and guitars from the USA:


Onlineshop for mandolins and guitars from the USA: 

carter-vintage-guitars-200.jpg Onlineshop for vintage mandolins and guitars from the USA:

Another great site for finding vintage and new guitars or mandolins is 

Mandolins can be found here: Mandolin-mandolin-family-190

Carlo Mazzaccara has a shop in Napoli. He builds Neapolitan mandolins and restores old mandolins by Calace, Vinaccia and Embergher. On his homepage you can find many pictures of old mandolins he has restored.

The  Mandolinenorchester Euterpe from Bozen has compiled a huge collection of  Links related to the mandolin from all over the world. I think this might be the most complete and up to date collection I know. 


The Website of the Italian federation of mandolin orchestras FMI:

Ralf Leenen und Barry Pratt have written a book about mandolins by Luigi Embergher. This book can be ordered from

The site contains many examples of Embergher mandolins played by Ralf Leenen and his orchestra

Haus der Musik Joachim Trekel

The source for sheet music for mandolin and plucked Instruments (classical and mandolin orchestra)

Joachim Trekel is a publishing company specialized in music for mandolin and plucked instruments - you can find almost everything available for plucked instruments. You can order sheet music, instruments and other stuff from the onlineshop.

martins_musikkiste_150.jpg Martin's Musikkiste - very personal and excellent online shop with a large selection of strings at very good prices.
mandolino_italiano_150.jpg mandolinoitaliano -  Marco Onoratis Shop for "Vintage and Rare Italian Mandolins" - They also offer copies of Embergher mandolins.
acoustic_music_150.jpgThe Acoustic Music Company - This shop in Brighton has a large selection of excellent mandolins, including Gibson, Weber, Northfield, Collings, Phoenix, Oldwave and also mandolins and octave mandolins built especially for AMC.
archtop-collage_150.jpg The bigger brothers of the archtop mandolins are the archtop guitars. Archtop guitars are mainly used in Jazz, the German site Archtop-germany contains all about makers, players, etc.
acoustic_disc_150.jpgDawgnet - Website of David Grismans Acoustic Disc; you can listen to 2 complete songs from each Acoustic Disc release.

Osamu Motoi has a large database about mandolin music, you can find composers, compositions, operas and mandolin concertos, mandolin methods and much more!

tunefox-200.jpg Tunefox - Learn to play Bluegrass instuments online. Tunefox is a web and app based learning tool designed to help people learn bluegrass songs and licks for guitar, mandolin, bass and banjo. Each song in Tunefox has 3 versions - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (or Backup, Scruggs, and Melodic for banjo) - and each of those arrangements has switchable licks. All demo videos are available in the tunefox youtube channel for free.

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