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On this page I have collected information about mandolin orchestras and other mandolin clubs from Germany and other countries.

This serves mainly as an entry point to my link collection that I am collecting using

This is a "work in progress" and is updateted regularly whenever I find or visit a new mandolin orchestra homepage.

I try to add some information about the orchestra to every link (mainly in German for the German orchestras, mostly in English for foreign orchestras)

All Mandolin Orchestras

Mandolin Orchestras from Germany

Mandolin Orchestras from Switzerland

Mandolin Orchestras from France

Mandolin Orchestras from Italy 

Mandolin Orchestras from Spain

Mandolin Orchestras from Japan

Mandolin Orchestras from the USA

Mandolin Orchestras from UK

Mandolin Orchestras from the Netherlands

Mandolin Orchestras from Belgium

Mandolin Orchestras from Poland

Mandolin Orchestras in Australia

You can find more information about mandolin orchestras on my page:

Zupfmusik im Internet

In my blog I am  regularly writing about mandolin orchestras from Germany and other countries:  

in German:


Maps of the Mandolin Orchestras in Germany and Switzerland

I have created google maps of mandolin orchestras in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Span, USA and other countries. For each orchestra you can find some basic information and if available a link to the homepage of the orchestra. Just click to the landmark to access the information.

If you miss your orchestra please send me a message so that I can add it to my list!

Map of Mandolin Orchestras in Germany karte_zo_deutschland_200.jpg
Map of Mandolin Orchestras in Switzerland karte_zo_schweiz_200.jpg
All my maps and link collections of mandolin orchestras can be found on the following page in my blog:

Mandolin Orchestras of the World

. 1903_colorado_mandolin_club.jpg


Mandolin Orchestras around Freiburg (Germany)

Mandolinenverein Kollnau Gutach 

Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein Kiechlinsbergen

Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein Jechtingen

Mandolinenverein Freiburg/Munzingen

Mandolinen- und Gitarrenorchester Lörrach



Some other mandolin orchestras that I know

Das Badische Zupforchester (Termine im Zupferkurier)

Mandolinen- und Gitarrenorchester Ötigheim 1924 e.V.

Mandolinenorchester Ettlingen e.V.

Mandolinata Karlsruhe

Karlsruher Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein 1903 e. V.

Mandolinenverein Auenheim

Mandolinenorchester Taunusfreunde Wiesbaden

Mandolinenorchester 1921 Ludwigshafen e.V.

In this orchestra Konrad and Friedel Weyrauch played for many years. Konrad Weyrauch was a great supporter of the mandolin orchestras in Baden-Württemberg, he helped very much to organize the first mandolin and guitar workshops in the south of Germany.

Mandolinen- und Gitarrenverein Zell-Weierbach e.V.

Zupforchester Villingen-Schwenningen

Mandolinenorchester Schramberg

Vivaldi Orchester Karlsfeld

The Vivaldi Orchester Karlsfeld has performed my piece for mandolin orchestra El Gato Negro and sent me a recording of this performance.


. 1922_colorado_girls_mandolin_club.jpg


And some other mandolin orchestras with interesting homepages:

Wanderclub Edelweiss Dudenhofen e.V.

Neues Favoritner Mandolinenorchester

Einbecker Mandolinen-Club 1920

Mandolinenorchester Lyra - Solingen

Mandolinenclub Falkenstein e.V.

The Mandolinenclub Falkenstein has organized several international competitions for mandolin orchestras.

Mandolinenorchester Kuchenheim - schön gestaltete Homepage

Mandolinengruppe Schwalmstadt

Münchner Mandolinen Zirkel - Im Oktober 2007 habe ich eine Probe des Müncher Mandolinen Zirkel besucht

Hamburger Mandolinen-Orchester von 1928 e.V.

A great website with a lot of interesting information.

Mandolinenorchester Neuenhein

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