My Compositions for Mandolin


On this page you can find my published music for mandolin and guitar. I would be glad to hear about performances of my pieces or youtube videos!

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My Sheet Music at

I have started to published my compositions and some interesting scans at where you can buy sheet music online (download as PDF) for a small fee. I am offering some pieces as free download!

Hasapikos Politikos (langsam)
Greek dance for mandolin and guitar
Video: Hasapiko - Griechischer Tanz für Mandoline und Gitarre

Hasapikos Politikos (schnell)
Greek dance for mandolin and guitar
Video: Hasapiko (fast) - Greek Dance - Mandolin and Guitar Duet

Jesus bleibet meine Freude
Mandolin solo
Video: J. S. Bach - Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring - Mandolin Solo

Branle de Village
Mandolin & guitar.
Video: Branle de Village - Mandolin Duet

Capriccio 1
Video: Capriccio 1 - Joseph M. C. dall'Abaco - Mandola Solo

Old French 'The Wise Maid' Swinging on a Gate
A medley of Irish tunes arranged for two mandolins - medium difficulty
Video:  Medley Old French, The Wise Maid, Swinging on a Gate

Road to Paradise
A folky tune for mandolin and guitar 

Rodney's Glory
Irish tune arranged for mandolin and guitar 

Second Hand
Classical guitar solo

A rhythmical blues-canon for two mandolins 

Check my profile at for more sheet music:

Download my music scores music


Sheet music published by Edition 49


blumen und mehr (flowers and more)

Trio for 3 guitars or melody instrument and 2 guitars

Juninächte for Mandolin or Mandola / 

I have published another book "Juninächte" (June Nights) for mandolin or mandola. 

The following books are now available from Edition49:

Youtube Videos for the pieces from the book Juninächte:

Juninächte is available form

Juninächte / June Nights fur Mandoline (Mandola) solo


Big Cliff Blues

Solostück für Mandoline mit interessanten Anschalgsformen.


A Picking Safari

Four pieces for mandolin solo


Bluesalbum für Mandoline und Gitarre

Seven easy blues pieces for mandolin and guitar, videos: Playliste Bluesalbum


5 Ragtimes für Mandoline und Gitarre

South Car'lina Tickle (Cake Walk), Smoky Mokes (Cake Walk and Two Step), Toots (A Rag One Step), Marionette, At A Georgia Campmeeting (Characteristic Two Step, March or Polka)

Sheet music: 5 Ragtime

Videos: youtube Playliste


I have also published a piece for mandolin orchestra:

El gato negro



Fliegende Bälle

The following pieces are contained in my book Fliegende Bälle

  • Fliegende Bälle
  • Intermezzo
  • Jiffy Mixer - Amerikanischer Volkstanz
  • Linstead Market
  • Hamster Party
  • Bile dem Cabbage Down

Videos (Playlist):  Fliegende Bälle - Solostücke für Mandoline


Fliegende Bälle is available from

Fliegende Balle - Heisse Solostucke fur Mandoline


Variety of Blue (2005)

This book contains three blues pieces.

Rene's Blues starts with a dialog on the G- and d-strings, the melodie is played on the d-strings, with a bass-line played on the G-string. Later hammeron and pulloff is used for the melody and the melody is also played in octaves.

Kennst du Jethro? - (Do you know Jethro?) was inspired by a figure played by Jethro Burns. This piece is  using the pulloff bindings and chromatic melodies.
Blues in G uses crosspicking, however it can also be played without crosspicking. I have written this piece many years ago, but I still like to play it.

Variety of Blue is avaiable at

Variety of Blue



Sheet music published by Astute Music


I Love Cappuccino

My latest book I love Cappucino has been published by Astute Music .

It contains four blues style pieces:  I Love Cappuccino, It's going to rain, Elephant Blues und Hervés Dream


Videos (playlist):


Five Folk Dances

This book contains five folk dances from Chile, Russia and Ireland. It has been published by Astute Music

Videos (playlist)



Sheet music published by Trekel Verlag, Hamburg


Pick it fast!

My first book has been published by the Trekel Verlag (one of the biggest publishing house for mandolin and plucked instruments in Germany) and is titled: Pick it fast!

This book contains easy and medium pieces, some of them with a special fingerpicking technique which is similar to the fingerpicking technique played on guitar.

Videos (Playlist): Pick it Fast! - Michael Reichenbach (MandoIsland)


The first three pieces (Happy Ragtime, Dreisam-Wellen, In den Wind gespielt) are quite easy, you can listen to the recordings:

Happy ragtime (mp3,  650 KB)
Dreisam Wellen (mp3, 700 KB)
In den Wind gespielt (mp3, 680 KB)

Indo Eu is a Portuguese folk song arranged for mandolin. In the second part the melody is played on the d-string, accompanied by the open a-string in a rhythmical way.

Indo Eu (mp3, 1250 KB)

The next pieces are using special picking techniques.

In  Pick and Brush a simple melody is played in two different ways

Pick and Brush part 1 (mp3,. 600 KB)
Pick and Brush part 2 (mp3,  640 KB)

Pick it Fast! has a slow introduction, then it continues with finger picking technique (of cours played by the pick).

Spielberg 1986 starts with much power and d-minor / a-major chords. The middle part is a little more calm. 

Freude (Joy) begins with double stops and uses a picking scheme in the second part.

The last piece Öffne dich (Open yourself) uses again the already known pickiong scheme. This time a sequence of thirs and sixths on the d-string and a-string are played. This sequence is first played slowly as an introduction. The the piece goes on with a powerfull syncopated melodyfollowd by the third/sexth sequence played in the picking scheme. You can play the first part alone, but together with the second part this piece is very interesting.

Oeffne dich(1.8 MB)

Published by Trekel Verlag Hamburg; Ordernumber: T 6157


I have written a guitar method during a project in the 80s. This book Gitarre für junge Anfänger - Einstieg in das Gitarrenspiel is epecially thought for young children who want to play guitar in a mandolin orchestra.

The book is in German, a download version is in preparation.


For Beginners

Three pieces for beginners from a book from 1740. I have transcribed the melodies in different keys which are good suited for the mandolin


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