Music and Education

A comprehensive musical education enables people to enjoy a thorough understanding and appreciation of music. Even those people who do not possess extensive musical talents can still learn about musical theory to enable them to understand the basics of musical composition. With lessons, people might even discover that they have talents and gifts that enable them to sing or play an instrument. Attending a performance or concert can be one way to broaden one's horizons and learn more about various types of music.

Strathroy Vocal Federation Links

The Strathroy Vocal Federation shares information about various vocal groups that perform in and around Ontario.

Organ Links in England

Explore resources for organists and organist societies located in England.

Gettin' Higher Choir

The Gettin' Higher Choir shares resources about singing and music on this link page. Visitors can learn about voice training and taking care of the voice with this information.

Soundwaves Chorus Links

Barbershop groups offer a unique harmony that many people enjoy listening to and watching in live performances.

Warren County Public Schools

Warren County Public Schools shares entertaining and educational music links with students.

Links and Resources

Learn about musical instruments, playing techniques, singing, and music in general with links provided by the Esther F. Garrison School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Useful Links: Chase High School

Chase High School shares links about marching bands, drum corps, and classic composers on this resource page.

Fun Music Sites

Middle school band members can visit websites included in this resource list to learn about the history of classical music and classic composers.

Online Music Resources: Save on Tickets

A number of music resources are available on the Internet to help people learn about music, rhythm, music theory, and aural skills.

Boerne Independent School District: Links

Music theory forms the foundation of a musical education, and students should learn about notes, melody, and harmony.

Resource Links

Viewmont High shares resource links for students about music theory, orchestra, string tuners, and practice time to help students develop musical skills.

Music Links

An educator at Greensburg Salem Middle School shares musical resources to assist students.

Exam Preparation

Students preparing for music exams might use the resources presented on this website to learn valuable information.