Selected Articles about Plucked Strings

On this page I am collecting articles about topics related to plucked strings, mandolin orchestras, mandolin styles, instruments etc. I have started to translate the German articles. Some articles are already available in English, others are still in German and will be translated soon.


Choro and Brazilian Music

The Brazilian mandolin - the bandolim - has an important role in the Choro music of Brazil. I have collected many interesting facts and links about the bandolim, Brazilian music and Choro.


Collection of links about playing Jazz on the mandolin and in general. With midi files, playalong, chords, sheet music and more.

Free sheet music

The best link collection about free sheet music for mandolin, guitar, songs, ensembles etc.

Electric Mandolins

Some informations about electric mandolins.

Plucked Strings Music in the Internet

Where you can find the best recordings of mandolin orchestras and other plucked strings music available in the internet.

Alte Noten - Notenverzeichnis von zwei Mandolinenorchestern

I could by big boxes with sheet music of the mandolin orchestras from Schifflingen (Luxemburg) and  Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (Germany) - it's interesting what those orchestras did play. I put the works from this collection to an online database.

Tipps und Tricks for the Mandolin

Some tips and tricks that may be helpful to learn to play and to adjust your mandolin.

Literaturlisten, Lehrpläne und Prüfungsordungen für Mandoline

I have compiled links to sites with repertoir lists and syllabuses for the mandolin. This page is on my new website in German mandoweb.de

Songbook Choro

I have collected Videos and information about the Choros contained in the Songbook Choro. This might be useful to learn to know the variety of Choro Music.

Mandolinensymposium 2008

Themes and informations about the Mandolin Symposium that took place in Trossingen (Germany) in 2008.

Die Musik Venezuelas

Die Musik Venezuelas für Bandola Llanera und das Cuatro ist  mitreissend und macht Spass. Das System der Musikausbildung in Venezuela ist beispielhaft.

Tipps zum Kauf von Mandolinen

Welche Modelle gibt es, was ist bei Kauf zu beachten

Tipps zum Thema Plektren

Welche Plektren gibt es, was sind die Unterschiede, wie finde ich das zu mir passende Plektrum?

The Mandolin in Japan

Japan is the country with the most mandolin orchestras. For more than 100 years the Japanese people are fascinated by the sound of this instrument. Some notes about the history of the mandolin in Japan.

Tipps zu Saiten

Welche Saiten gibt es, wie finde ich passende Saiten für mein Instrument (Mandoline, Mandola, Mandoloncello, Gitarre).

Dies und Das - verschiedene Themen

Hier gibt es ein paar Themen die nichts mit der Zupfmusik zu tun haben:

  • Schnitzen
  • Zeitmanagement / Produktivität
  • Schulschrift / Grundschrift /Handschrift - Entwicklungen in der Schweiz und in Deutschland
  • generative Kunst / Processing
  • Sticken / Kreuzstich

Free music dictionaries and books

Download some of the best books about music theory, music history, composition and musical analysis. I have compiled a list of some great books that are freely available from the Internet Archive.

Dave Apollon

Dave Apollon was one of the most successful mandolin players in the USA. I have collected newspaper clippings about Dave Apollon - newspaper articles, interviews and many ads about his shows and performances.

Music Trade Review

A great collection of sources about the mandolin history in the USA taken from the Music Trade Review.

Hofmeisters monthly reports about published music

Monthly reports  about published music by Friedrich Hofmeister publishing company. I am extracting clippings about mandolin music.

Music and Education Resources

A comprehensive musical education enables people to enjoy a thorough understanding and appreciation of music. Even those people who do not possess extensive musical talents can still learn about musical theory to enable them to understand the basics of musical composition. With lessons, people might even discover that they have talents and gifts that enable them to sing or play an instrument. Attending a performance or concert can be one way to broaden one's horizons and learn more about various types of music.



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